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A clothes and closet analogy to help you understand energy work and how it can help you live an empowered life.

Energy work is often hard to describe or understand, because it is non-tangible; we can’t hold, see, or touch it. Perhaps an analogy will help you get a feel for energy work.

Imagine getting dressed in the morning. You want to wear clothes that make you look and feel good and reflects who you truly are. But when you open your closet door, you feel overwhelmed.

Instead of order, you see clutter and dust. Many of the things no longer fit or were hand me downs that you never really liked but kept anyway. And then the clothes that you borrowed so long ago, you’ve lost track of the original owner. Oh, and the best of all, the clothes you bought because a sales person told you they looked good even though you knew you would never wear it!

Your body’s energy field is not so different from your closet. You gather energy by just being in the world. Sometimes you feel the effects in your body.

Have you ever walked into a Walmart and come out feeling completely different? You rub up against other people’s energy and take it into your own. Our parents, friends, and teachers also instill in us ideas about who we are in the world — some true, some not so true. And then there is just life and all that entails.

All this information has a certain pattern and vibration to it.

Energy work and how it can balance your system

When your energetic system is chaotic like the closet, you can’t sort out what is truly yours and you walk through life with a lot of baggage that doesn’t serve you. When your energy system is in balance, you move through life with ease and grace, living an optimized experience.

There are many different energy healing modalities, but I use the systems-based approach Jill Leigh of Energy Healing Institute teaches. This system is very accessible and provides a brilliant framework for the client to experience what’s happening in their energy body and to begin to manage it through protocols.

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Mindy Cervi Spadacenta

I am a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner in Durham, North Carolina. I offer Energy Healing and Massage Therapy for those looking to increase their overall sense of wellness and vitality.

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