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How can energy work help you

live an empowered life

Energy healing inherently brings you closer to your authentic self, because we work with the story of you in motion. Unfolding in real time. Working in the present moment empowers you to initiate change. We direct our attention to the energetic patterns rather than the stories behind those patterns. This keeps you in the present moment rather than getting lost in the stories.

Energy healing provides a unique opportunity to affect change in each moment.

Things shift when you become aware of and in relationship to the emotional content and allow things to move out of your system when they are ready.

I help you understand the patterns in your energetic system and then we work through the blockages and constrictions. Energy work is grounded, fun, and inspiring once you begin to trust the process.

The energy work we're doing is fabulous. I'm under a lot of stress right now but the untwisting you did has made my anxiety disappear. It's amazing. So while I'm still upset, I'm not spinning. Thanks so much. You are gifted.

— Susan O. Psychologist

Sessions with Mindy

What you can expect

When you come for a session, we spend some time talking about what you are experiencing in your body and life and together start to discover why you’ve come and what is wanting to be seen and worked on.

Using the tools of imagination, intention, focus, and visualization, you will learn techniques that will help you begin to keep your energy system cleaner. Which means you will begin to see and feel things more clearly. Generally, in this part of the session, I get some clues about what I will be working with when you get on the table.

You are then invited to lay down on the table and relax. I hold my hands on or over certain energy centers or chakras in your body and invite things to release as needed.

Sometimes — instead of releasing energy — the body actually needs more energy. In this case, I use my hands and intention to invite appropriate energies. I also work in the aura, the space outside of your physical body, continually dialoguing with your energy body to clean and clear out debris that is keeping you from your purest potential.

What do people experience? Sometimes people have memories of past events. Sometimes people experience their energy as colors. Sometimes people experience images of things that are somehow symbolic to them. Sometimes people experience what feels like weight leaving their body. Most often, people experience deep relaxation and a connection to themselves on a deeper level. And often people experience joy in realizing how much power they have in their healing process

Energy Healing Sessions: 90 minutes
Cost: $115 for single session

Energy Healing Journey: 10 Sessions
Cost: $1,100 (savings of $50)

There are many different energy healing modalities, but I use the systems-based approach Jill Leigh of Energy Healing Institute teaches. This system is very accessible and provides a brilliant framework for the client to experience what’s happening in their energy body and to begin to manage it through protocols.

Empower Yourself to Heal

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