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Energy healing, massage therapy, and pilates to help you align and engage from spirit to core.

About Prana Stream

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Life is a series of movements. We fall and rebound, we create and let go, we fall apart and come together over and over again. Being able to feel and understand where our bodies are in time and space brings grounding and healing to where ever we are in the journey.

In my work, I help others understand their bodies in relationship to the world around them, not just physically but energetically and spiritually as well.

My goal in energy healing, bodywork and pilates is to provide a safe space where people can unveil who they most are and recognize what gets in the way of their most true form.

Mindy has an intuitive sense as a practitioner of how to acknowledge negative energy so that it can be released slowly and respectfully. As I experience this work I can access deeper parts of myself that were unavailable to me.

— Annie Dwyer, Movement Specialist

Energy Work, Pilates, Massage Therapy

Supporting Your Journey to Wholeness

online and in person

Energy Healing

I help you understand the patterns in your energetic system and then we work through the blockages and constrictions. Energy work is grounded, fun, and inspiring once you begin to trust the process.

online and in person


Pilates is a form of exercise consisting of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

in person

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps restore balance and ease into your body and proactively helps you stay grounded and healthy. It is a a fundamental way to restore balance and bring ease back into your body.

How to Get Started

Reach Out. Affirm. Heal

1. Reach Out

The first step in your healing journey is to reach out. Yea, I know it's scary to open up and be vulnerable, but our greatest breakthroughs in life happen when we engage with others.


2. Affirm

Only you can heal yourself, but a trusted guide is often needed to help you understand past agreements you’ve made with yourself and work through the blockages and constrictions in your energetic system.

3. Heal

Engage in the process and open to guidance and support. Recognize your body as a trusted resource that contains all the information you need to heal and feel wholly alive.

Ready to begin the healing journey?

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