Massage Therapy with

Mindy cervi spadacenta

Helping you unwind trauma and restore balance. 

Massage Therapy

Restore Balance and Ease In Your Body

Massage Therapy is at its core a fundamental way to restore balance and bring ease back into your body

Our overactive culture leaves very little time to unwind and often leaves us layered with trauma and pain in our bodies. To make matters worse, we often relegate our body and its needs to the bottom of our “to do” list, leaving it untended and neglected.

Massage therapy helps us re-connect to our bodies and recognize what’s going on in there.  That’s why, when people come for body work, they often say things like: “Wow, I had no idea I was so tense or tired or…” (you can fill in the blank). 

Massage therapy helps us feel and integrate our bodies response to being alive. 

It helps restore balance and ease into your body and proactively helps you stay grounded and healthy. It lowers stress levels, slows down the autonomic nervous system, aids in tissue repair, brings us to higher states of body awareness, and just feels good.

Some view massage therapy as a luxury, but it is actually a proactive way of keeping us aware, tuned in to our bodies and environment, and more intact. In my sessions, I integrate years of experience working as a massage therapist, Pilates instructor, and dance teacher.

Massage Therapy with Mindy

What you can expect

When you come for a session, we talk for a few minutes, so I understand what you want and need. Once on the table, I hold the space effectively so you can rest and heal. We might focus on a particular area in your body, but generally, I treat the body as a whole and work to integrate all the pieces so that you feel a sense of connection from head to toe. Sometimes dialogue continues to happen once the massage has begun, but often people drift in and out.

I may use hot stones or reflexology. I may integrate cranial sacral work or deep structural work on particular muscles. I work in a way that makes sense for each individual. I don’t add in fees for hot stones or other embellishments. And I will always check in during the session to make sure we are on track.

Who comes to my practice?

People with injuries or chronic pain. People suffering from anxiety. People going through cancer treatments or other diseases. Pregnant women. People with age-related issues. People looking for peace and wellness.

My work is deep and intuitive. I have massive respect for anyone walking through this human journey.

60 minute session: $90
90 minute session: $115
Buy package of 10 and receive a $50 discount

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