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Have you ever set a goal to do something good for yourself only to be sabotaged by that pesky voice inside your head?

Energy Healing and Massage Therapy Durham, North Carolina • Reaching for BetterThose pesky voices

Do you know who I’m talking about ? The one who says things like, “Are you really going to ask for a raise….now?” or “You’ve already blown it so just go ahead and eat the whole box.” The voice might remind you not to get too successful or everyone might find out you’re an imposter. It might tell you that you’re not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough to be with that amazing person that you like. It might tell you that you can’t afford that vacation, massage, class…whatever it is that you need to take care of yourself. Or if you are trying to save money the voice might talk you into buying your 3rd Starbucks coffee of the day.

We have all kinds of voices in our heads and the ones we choose to listen to are powerful drivers of our success or failure in anything we try to take on. And even though the voices are just energy constructs, they have so much impact on the course of our lives. Why do we let the negative voices stay?

Maybe we keep engaging with them hoping for a better outcome, but just like Charlie Brown and the football, the result is always the same.

We end up flat on our backs hating ourselves for listening to the wrong voice. Again.

How do the voices get there? Is the voice me?

I offer this story up as a example.

When I was in the 3rd grade I remember approaching my teacher with tears in my eyes because I was lost and stuck. We were taking a test and I could hear the sound of pencils all around me and I knew that I was the only kid in class who had absolutely no understanding of what we were doing.

My teacher looked at me with a combination of anger and frustration and said, ‘’Were you just not listening?”

The part she left out but which I heard loud and clear was “…or are you just stupid?”

For so many different reasons I was wide open to take that negative feedback and plant it in my system as an ultimate truth. Either I had incredibly bad listening skills or I was just stupid. And the voice around those themes instructed me thus: “If you don’t understand something just act like you do. Better not to know than to be found out. Avoid things that are hard for you. You aren’t going to get it. Don’t even try. Protect yourself.”

I listened to the negative voice and it had a huge impact on the things I chose to take on. Our thoughts have a certain energy and vibrational pattern to them and like attracts like. So what starts out as piece of thread soon becomes a rather large piece of material. Breaking apart this material takes time, intention and focus. But it’s possible.


If you have negative voices who have taken up permanent residence in your head space, here is one way among many that you can begin to eliminate them. First of all, think of the voice as an energy pattern and not a part of you. In other words disengage from it…put a little space between yourself and the voice. It is not you, you are just observing it. The next time you hear it, whatever you are doing just stop and take a breath. Put a shape to the voice. Imagine the voice becoming typed words. Then put the sentence in a big bubble like the kind you used to blow out of those little plastic bottles you got at childhood Birthday parties. Then send the bubble outside of your energy field or your aura with an exhale. (Your aura extends just beyond your fingertips when your arms are extended.) Once outside of your aura the voice no longer has any effect on you. It simply pops and becomes nothing or it floats off into the distance.

It sounds simple right? And maybe a little Harry Potterish? Well try not to judge. Just give it a try and see what happens. And remember this is not a one time deal. Once you start to work on a negative voice it will show up constantly and be everywhere. You are beginning to train your energy and you have to be vigilant. So stay with it. You got this. You are the captain. You get to change the rules if the rules aren’t working for you. Take charge!

If you do decide to try this let me know how it’s going in the comments below. Good luck!

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Mindy Cervi Spadacenta

I am a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner in Durham, North Carolina. I offer Energy Healing and Massage Therapy for those looking to increase their overall sense of wellness and vitality.

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