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What does your body most want and need in this moment? Here's a simple exercise to help you ground yourself.

I often check in with my clients and ask, “What does your body most want and need in this moment?”

More than half the time, the answer is grounding. People say things like:

“I feel like I’m just all over the place” or “I don’t feel like I’m in my body.”

The reason we feel like we are flying away sometimes is because energetically we are.

Instinctively, we pull our energy out and away from our stressful environment, which leaves us disconnected and ungrounded.

The paradox is — while our own feelings and energy are the thing we want to escape — the doorway to feeling peace and grounding is within us and our energy body.

So I would like to share a quick grounding exercise that only takes a minute or two and has no harmful side effects!

I hope it helps. Ready? Here we go….


Grounding Exercise

Find a comfortable chair and have a seat. Rest your hands in your lap. Begin to soften your gaze or close your eyes. Take your awareness to the inside of your body. No judgements just notice whatever is present for you and take a nice slow breath.

Now begin to bring your focus to your feet. If you don’t have an immediate sense of your feet no problem. Sometimes it takes a while.

Now imagine that in between the ball of your foot and your heel there is a little circle of energy.. Imagine that little circle of energy beginning to bloom open like a flower.

When you do this you might become aware of increased sensation in your feet or a bit of tingling through the legs and feet. You are opening up your feet chakras and it’s a wonderful thing.

When the feet chakras are open so is your connection to the ground. And by opening the feet chakras you have just created a pathway to release some stress and anxiety into the earth and also allowed some fresh clean energy to move in to your body. All this and it only took a minute.

Good work and thanks for trying this out. I hope it was useful.

grounding exercise barefoot on beach

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Mindy Cervi Spadacenta

I am a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner in Durham, North Carolina. I offer Energy Healing and Massage Therapy for those looking to increase their overall sense of wellness and vitality.

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